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Ambassador Program

What is the Cure MLD/Ambassador Program?

Because the first weeks and months after the news of an MLD diagnosis are particularly challenging, we have created the Ambassador Program to support families.


You do not need to travel, the Ambassador Outreach Coordinator will contact you, listen to your concerns, answer questions, and help you and your family on this journey. 


The Ambassador Program offers a variety of services:


  • Care packages

  • Medical resources and information about clinical trials

  • Specialists' guidance on how to manage home-based care

  • Webinars

  • Online support groups

  • Emotional support for caregivers, siblings, and patients

  • Grant programs to assist with accessing care for your MLD loved one

  • (For US families) Information about Medicaid, SSI, Make A Wish, and IEPs


 I would like to speak to the Ambassador Outreach Program Coordinator

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